Marketing conferences are making a comeback; the long-awaited reprieve from COVID is shining through.  In person conferences are starting to be acceptable to many businesses and industries; don’t get left behind this year while folks are gathering for the 1st time in two years to share successes, pivots, fails, and new best practices that have been learned by the army of marketers fighting the good fight through the pandemic.

Some marketing conferences that are traditionally held in Q1 were canceled or delivered digitally, which as we all know from the past two years, not quite the same as in-person engagement; these same conferences have shown their commitment and eagerness to return by scheduling their 2023 event details this early.  Congratulations Social Media Examiner for planning a full year in advance – you will be sure to be on our 2023 Top Conferences to attend.

Top 5 Marketing Conferences in 2022

Media Post’s Email Insider Summit in Hilton Head, South Carolina: May 1-4th, 2022

Marketing Conference Admission Cost: $4,995

Media Post promises three days filled with speakers, case studies, roundtables, presentations, and group conversations among marketers.  The platform may have taken on plenty more tentacles outside of email for communication, but the challenge is the same – speak with your customer where they are at to personalize their experience, engage and entertain until they are ready to convert.  At which point, you provide a convenient and safe method to transact the order.  They will address how multi-touch messaging is changing content creation, content creation teams, and the KPIs that formerly measured email marketing initiatives also need to expand.  You can follow the marketing summit conversation with this hashtag: #MediaPostInsiderSummits

Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit in Palm Springs, California:  May 4th – 6th

Marketing Conference Admission Cost: $3,195

The programmatic media market is as volatile as tech stocks these days. The industry continues to be shaped by data privacy laws, competitive blocks on platforms with policy changes, consumer advocate groups, lobbyists and more; learn which legislation and platform changes will impact your abilities and prices in programmatic marketing.  How will this trickle down to Over The Top media buying and specific libraries of targeting.  Industry leaders from the IAB, Bayer, Captify and many more will discuss the challenges and strategies necessary to overcome.  Find out what the roadmap for programmatic looks like so you may plan ahead and capture audience while the rest of the pack are learning to catch up with the programmatic shifts in policies and operations.

ContentTECH in San Diego, California: May 31st – June 2nd

Marketing Conference Admission Cost: $2,099

ContentTECH seeks to provide answers to savvy content marketers that know they need to provide epic value-add content experiences to their marketing funnel.  They will address content technology and showcase tools that will make your job easier with more insights as a content marketer.  They will declutter the space so you can draw your laser focus on exactly what you need to do for your brand at each stage of the funnel on each platform.  The executives speaking at this conference are well accoladed and carry some brand weight you will not want to miss.

Marketing Analytics Summit 2022 in Las Vegas, NV: June 20th – 23rd

Marketing Conference Admission Cost: $2,000

This analytics conference is sure to not only get you brushed up on opportunity but show you some real hands-on experience to better optimize your analytics stack and introduce you to professionals that can help your organization get a running start with decades of consulting experience.  Below is a small sampling of the speaker content that will be hosted at the Marketing Analytics Summit 2022:

  • Becoming a Data Informed Organization
  • Online Optimization
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Personalization Proficiency
  • Omni-Channel Attribution
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Marketing Intelligence Integration
  • Attribution Management
  • Testing Methods and Practices
  • Finding Insights and Stories from Data

In addition, there will be five distinct workshops you may also attend:






This conference looks to be the data powerhouse of the year for the data heads in the crowd.  In addition, we were provided this handy discount by our friends at, Marketing Analytics Summit discount code: MARKETINGTERMSMAS to save 15%

MozCon in Seattle, Washington:  July 11th – 13th

Marketing Conference Admission Cost: $1,499

Moz Con has become synonymous with incredible amounts of fun combined with the best SEO knowledge you will find descended on one place at once time – the great city of Las Vegas will host some of the most passionate SEO professionals you will find for these three days.  The schedule is still being developed, though if you have been or heard of this event, you know you do not want to miss this opportunity.  CEO Rand Fishkin does not disappoint during this conference; you can be sure that the speakers will be flooded with big brand talent as well as ground-up talent that consults for the best of the best in search engine optimization.

This year will be a good primer to see how many people feel comfortable socializing again to venture out to these marketing conferences – how much personal engagement you may receive as a result of slightly smaller shows… or will they be? People may be so excited to get out that we find these conferences oversold or sold out in short order.  Be sure to get your tickets early to gauge – and be sure to share where you are going on social media so you can help drum up the interest which typically helps sell to speakers and get more valuable content and speakers presenting at the event.

Wishing everyone safe travels as we traverse the new post-pandemic normal.


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