LinkedIn Advertising: The Ultimate B2B Guide to Conversions

LinkedIn Advertising is one of the most powerful tools you will use in the B2B market space. While this has been used by sales folks to troll by hand and seek out those specific C-suite titles they would like to contact, now LinkedIn has incredibly insightful marketing tools that can be leveraged for insights as well as reaching your target audience with the right message.  Finding folks in specific industries with specific titles is the name of the game.  When you are a specialized marketer, this becomes even greater for your segmentation.

LinkedIn Buyer Stats

Targeting Your LinkedIn Audience

Identifying your target persona on LinkedIn is very forthright; LinkedIn shares exactly what you can and cannot do to target individuals.  They even provide data partners that will help you tighten your grip on who you are trying to target.  You can upload your specific list and expand based on company name, company size, employee title, employee seniority, and industry.  The testing opportunity is nearly limitless when combining your own goals and assets to the targeting opportunities.



LinkedIn Company Targeting

Start with your CRM data and upload campaigns by salesperson for current corporate targets.  You will create a csv with one column with one company record per row using comma separated values, and including the following:  company name, website, industry, stock symbol, and company country.   Your list should be over 1,000 records to have the best chance at maximum matching.  Your list must match at least 300 records to be used on LinkedIn; matching may take up to 48 hours, so be sure to allow plenty of time to hit your target campaign deployment dates.  You can also use the Company Engagement Report to see which companies matched from your original upload and which did not match.  The same report can also show which companies engaged with your campaign once you launch the campaign.  The maximum number of records that can be uploaded is 300,000.

LinkedIn Contact Targeting

Contact targeting on LinkedIn is similar to company targeting in that you will start with a list of individuals you are trying to reach.  You will upload a single column CSV just like company targeting; in this CSV, you will include email address, first name, last name, and mobile number.  You may also do a direct integration with your CRM into LinkedIn to keep an updated and live flow of data from one system to the next.  LinkedIn provides detailed instructions on connecting the systems here.>>

LinkedIn Retargeting

The next layer of campaign management you want to add is retargeting users who have engaged with your brand in one form or another.  In order to do this, you will want to add the LinkedIn Insight Tag that you can download directly from your portal.  Within campaigns now, you can create your retargeting audience based on several different engagement items.  You can select everyone that clicked a campaign, or you can select everyone that completed a micro-conversion, or everyone that did multiple items using the and/or Boolean operators.  Now you can create retargeting segments of folks with varying interest levels to varying products or services.  The more granular your retargeting, the more specific you can be in creative.  Specificity has shown to significantly impact conversions, so be clear, the goal is to be as specific as possible for the most wins possible.

LinkedIn Advertising Creative

Designing your creative in advance is imperative as you want your ad to match your landing page and you can decide which comes first in design, though taking your reader somewhere that feels familiar is always the goal; familiarity breeds engagement and conversion.  Be sure your copy is short, concise, and to the point.  Be sure you have enough imagery to tell your story and show the details you are looking to feature.  LinkedIn has 3 specific types of ads that can be purposed to market any number of CTAs.  The single image ad-enabled you to feature an image and provide intro copy with a landing page URL, the video has the same capability while your creative asset is a video, and finally you have the carousel which has the ability to contain 4 images with the same capacity to add copy and CTA in the copy section on LinkedIn.

Be sure you have all the required items an ad should have:  Brand Logo, Message, Call to Action

Landing Page Design & Usage

Design unique landing pages to capture engagement and provide a unique funnel for each salesperson.  You can create actions on your landing pages that will trigger subsequent activities to kick off in LinkedIn.  Pending your CRM or web platform, you can execute landing pages in a multitude of ways.  Consider having a landing page that can be used for 5 salespeople pending where the lead is supposed to be assigned.  This also gives you the ability to have the landing page have a locally owned business be the case study which brings relevance to location and typically also impacts response.  Be sure to collect additional information on this page when offering a download in exchange.  Important items you may want to capture may be industry, locations, number of employees, and company size in revenue.

Expanding Your LinkedIn Reach

One of the most powerful tools LinkedIn has to share is its audience network where we will expand our reach off of the portal onto their private network.  This means you will be reaching your targeted title, influence, and company in their native browsing environment.  Your users can be reached while reading Bloomberg, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and many more.  Watch the video to see how far your pixel can reach when using the LinkedIn audience network to expand the influence beyond the portal.

You should be well on your way to devising your LinkedIn advertising strategy.  Remember to outline everything first so you can ensure you have all assets detailed before your find yourself in the middle of a campaign and missing something.  You may want to create a checklist from this article with the headlines – be sure to add your insight tag as well, this will make your retargeting work.  Best of targeting and converting!

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