Chatbot marketing is no longer the next best trend, it’s now the future of marketing. In fact, it’s predicted that 80% of businesses will have chatbot automation by the end of 2020.

The goal of chatbots is simple, but the benefits are many- chatbots automate customer relationships, ultimately providing a way to help you stay connected with customers, streamline your service processes, and improve profitability.

But throwing a bot up on your page isn’t going to cut it. You need to know how to best use them to your advantage.

Here are 5 ways brands are using virtual assistants to up their game in a big way.

But first, let’s review your potential winnings…

The Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Higher Engagement: 

Chatbot messages have impressive open and click-through rates, especially compared to email. Check out the stats below:

Chatbot messages: 80% open rate and a 30% click-through rate.
Email messages:  6% to 18% open rate and between .0.4% and 2%. click-through rate.

Quick & Easy Interaction: 

Consumers tend to prefer short and sweet when it comes to customer service. Facebook’s Product Growth Manager revealed that 64% of customers preferred communicating via messenger vs phone or email.

Personalization Features:

Chatbots offer countless features that can enhance the customer’s shopping experience, simplify the purchasing process, and personalize problem-solving exchanges. Chatbots can also be available to customers 24/7.

Personal Touch & Feel:

Chatbots have natural language processing and human-like features that make it feel like customers are engaging with a real person. A report by PwC found that 27% of consumers weren’t sure if their customer support exchange was with a real person or a chatbot.

Okay, now you know why you need to hop in the chatbox marketing game, here are 5 examples of how to knock your results out of the park.

1. Score more Sales

Brands are constantly strategizing for ways to increase sales on their social channels, and chatbots are the way to get it done.

Domino’s designed their chatbot so users could order customized pizzas just like they would online. Customers can also save their go-to pie, so they can order dinner in seconds without having to leave their Facebook page. Score!

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2. A Boost to Booking Appointments

For any company that uses appointments to serve customers, chatbots can be the ultimate play, making a sometimes painful process simple and fun.

Beauty retailer, Sephora, created a booking assistant chatbot that added a ton of personality to the process while reducing the number of steps for the customer. As a result, booking rates went up by 11%, driving more traffic to stores and increasing retail revenue as well. Definite win!

                                                                         Image source

3. Uplevel Your Customer Service 

Chatbots are your greatest asset for improving customer service, both pre and post-sales, which is essential for elevating your brand’s reputation.

Amtrak created their chatbox assistant, “Julie”, to avoid long hold times on customer calls. Julie was available around the clock to answer a wide range of questions, and if she couldn’t find the answer, customers were connected to a live representative standing by.

Julie not only hit her mark, answering over 5 million questions annually, but she also increased revenue by 30% through automated bookings.

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4. Increase Webinar Attendance 

You can even use chatbots to leverage your webinar attendance and engagement. Chatbots make the sign-up process easy and offer organic ways to get attendees excited about the event.

Hubspot took their virtual event to new heights with chatbot marketing, keeping people engaged with fun content, sending event reminders, and collecting information to nurture relationships post-event.

5. Easy contact with click-to-Messenger Ads 

Click-to-Messenger ads are a seamless way to lead your target customers into a Messenger conversation, where you can easily add them to your marketing lists, answer questions, and drive traffic to your other online platforms.

Nerdify, a tutoring platform, nailed it with their click-to-Messenger ad, offering immediate help during hours when students were most likely to be working on homework.

Using chatbot marketing doesn’t have to be complicated — it just requires that you dig into the features and think strategically about how to use them to your advantage. And as you’ve seen, the rewards can be a gamechanger for exceeding your customer’s expectations and your revenue projections…wins all the way around.


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