We all know content is king for boosting SEO rankings on Google and other search engines. But who has time to sit down and bust out a new article every week? You have a business to run and life to live, after all.  And this is only one of your many marketing tactics.

This is when repurposing content comes in handy. And the best part is it takes less work and is more effective for increasing your site traffic, conversion rates, and google search ranking.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works…

Recycling Content to Increase SEO

Let’s say you posted an article that brought in a good amount of traffic by reposting it on other sites and creating visuals of quotes and stats for social media, and then linking them all back to your original source, you gain traction on other platforms while driving more people to your website.  This is also creating those important backlinks we’re always coveting.

Meanwhile, outside your internal bubble, Google is looking for the latest, quality content that has a broad reach, so posting new content consistently on as many platforms as possible boosts your popularity in the eyes of public search engines, thus the eyes of everyone searching.

To help you get started, here are 6 proven ways to repurpose your old posts into fresh content that will make your traffic and conversion rates soar!

1. Long-form Content: Break it down or Build it up

Taking long-form content such as reports, white papers, or case studies, and breaking them down into shorter articles will extend the life of your work, as well as your audience reach.

SEMrush repurposed their report, The State of Content Marketing 2019, into three separate articles focusing on different components of the report, which brought them an additional 5.2K social shares and 4.3K backlinks.

You can also take the opposite approach and repackage a series of well-received content into a longer format you can monetize, such as an ebook or online course.  This is  two-fold as now you can use this content as a tripwire to collect email and offer the ebook as a reward as well as it can be used to deep link back to the supporting content.  You will want to host this on your site but not have it linked if you are indeed using it as a collection tool.  Another option is to sell this ebook.

The founder of ProBlogger streamlined his blog series into an ebook he started selling for $29.99, one that continues to bring him passive income years later.

2. Re-publish Blog Content to Medium

Medium is a popular platform that can help drive your SEO by simply copy/pasting your existing blogs to their platform and linking them back to your site. If your content is solid, Medium will consistently push it to the top, regardless of how big or small your current following is.

By simply repurposing his blogs on their blogging platform, author Benjamin Hardy recruited 20,000 subscribers in 6 months and went on to write for the Huffington Post, the Observer, and TIME.

3. LinkedIn is your Friend

LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) is another great resource to recycle your long-form content, especially if you’re in the business and marketing world. Content marketer Matthew Woodward reposted two of his most popular blogs and received a 76% conversion rate, landing him 332 new subscribers.

Pro Tip: Make sure to tweet your repurposed post to the LinkedIn editors or tag them on LinkedIn to get their attention. If they select your piece to appear on their top stories of the day, your chances for growth will be tenfold.

4. Get Visual with Your Content

Exploring ways to repurpose existing content into infographics and videos is hands down the most effective way to boost traffic, shares, and search ranking on social media. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

And be sure to integrate your visuals back into previous blog posts as articles featuring infographics receive around 72% more views than those without.

5. Repurpose content on Slideshare

If you haven’t explored Slideshare (owned by LinkedIn), you’re missing out. SlideShare has incredible SEO potential, with 70 million SlideShare users, page authority of 79, and domain authority of 95.

You can repurpose pretty much anything from blog posts to white papers to product how-to’s into Slideshare presentations and share the links through all your social media and online channels.

Marketing blogger, Eugene Cheng, repurposed his blog into a single presentation on his Slideshare channel and roped in over two million views and over 10,000 subscribers.

6. Clean House to optimize all your Content

You can boost your SEO further by simply updating your existing content with new images and trending keywords, as well as adding links to new content you have since created. You can get hundreds of new keywords indexed with this simple habit of creating a schedule and refreshing content on your site every single day; simply set aside an hour or assign each team member to do this once a week for an hour and alternate days for coverage.  This is also a good time to scan for errors you might have missed or links that need to be fixed.

So there you have it- 6 proven strategies that will have your old content working like new again, taking your reach, website traffic, and search engine optimization to new heights.

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