Contest Submission Value

Hosting a contest through your business is a great way to get new leads that you can convert into customers. However, unless you know what to do with these leads, you will never convert them into sales. If these leads are never converted, then they do no good for your company.


Gather Your Leads

When you host a contest or sweepstakes, you want to make sure that you capture useful data from the people who enter. At a bare minimum, an email address and name should be required fields for anyone to enter your contest. Additional fields such as a city, state, zip code, age, gender, or phone number may also be useful depending on your needs, but don’t require too much information or people may shy away from entering. You’ll want all this information to be gathered into a database that you can use for conversions. If possible, you’ll want this to automatically happen when people enter the contest so you do not have to manually enter the data into spreadsheets. This automation also makes it easy to use going forward, which is why it is so important to have.


Launch an Email Campaign

An email campaign is the most basic conversion tactic that you can do with your leads database but it can also be the most impactful. While there will always be people who do not respond or even unsubscribe from your list, those who do respond become valuable conversion prospects. You can start with just one or two emails per week. Do not simply tell them about your product or service, but instead offer them some discounts or a flash sale to entice them to take action.

You want your leads to turn into something profitable for your company and this is just one way to do that. There are many other conversion tactics you can do with your leads over time, but a basic email campaign is a great way to start.


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