Lead generation is a huge part of growing your business. While lead generation is one of the best ways for a business to get more customers, it is also an area where many companies struggle. There are many ways to generate leads and one very effective way is through hosting a sweepstakes.


How Sweepstakes Hosting Works

A sweepstakes, especially one with a good prize, is an offer that’s hard to refuse. Many people will sign up for the chance to win the prize and provide you with vital information such as their email address and name, and often give you permission to contact them in the future. This is your ultimate goal. With each person that signs up, you are increasing your list of leads. You want to make sure that you have an enticing prize and the right set up to organize an ever-growing database of leads so you can put these emails to use.


What to Do Once You Have Your Leads

Once your sweepstakes is over, you will likely find yourself with a large list of leads that can be intimidating. But don’t be afraid to start using this list as soon as possible by sending emails that showcase what you do, providing discounts, holding flash sales, and more. Simply having the list will not convert these leads, but by using their email addresses to repeatedly contact them, they will become more familiar with your company, and your sweepstakes will pay off. Some people will remove themselves from the list but do not get discouraged because you will convert some leads into new customers.


Understanding the major upside to a sweepstakes allows you to actually use it to your advantage. Start planning your sweepstakes today so you can generate more leads and effectively grow your business in a simple but major way.

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