Webinar marketing via online events is a powerful resource to attract, educate, and convert new clients. Research shows that just one webinar can generate over 1,000 leads!

But with the growing number of online events, how do you convince interested prospects that yours is the one not-to-be-missed? Better yet, how do you create an experience that will leave a memorable, lasting impression on participants?

Here are 7 proven tactics for creating and promoting a webinar event that will result in record-breaking attendance and rousing success.

1. Select a Hot Topic

If you want to attract attendees, you need to start with a sexy topic- broad enough to appeal to a wide audience but targeted enough to offer participants tangible takeaways. For example, your overarching theme could be “Optimizing the Customer’s Digital Experience” with a focus on the process of mapping the customer journey.

Put some serious thought into the title of your webinar as well, using popular keywords that are searchable. Make sure you repeat the same title in all promotional and follow-up content to bolster SEO ranking.

Important note: your topic will only be as good as your content. Remember, your ultimate goal is to deliver value to and strengthen relationships with your customers. Period.

2. Sweeten the Deal

Getting people to register is only half the battle. You need to make sure they actually show up. So why not offer an extra incentive or two?

People love to feel like they are getting exclusive gifts. Giving away tickets, VIP memberships, or retail items is a great way to stir up excitement, offer something of value, and showcase your products and services, all for a very low cost.

Be sure to announce your giveaways in your emails and marketing posts, but maybe hold off announcing the winner until the end of the webinar…to make sure everyone sticks around.

3. Invite Expert Speakers

Featuring one or more influential guests is another way to boost attendance and increase your webinar’s credibility. Industry leaders and accomplished experts can offer unique perspectives and experiences that will make your event more relevant and valuable for your audience.

If you find a personable speaker that is prepared to field questions, include a live Q&A at the end of the session. People who are eager to learn from the best love the chance to interact with experts in real-time.

4. Recruit a Partner Brand

Two brains are better than one. Two-well-aligned brands are more powerful than one, generating more energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for your participants.

Plus, you have the added bonus of a co-marketer who can tap into their varied and hopefully, expansive audience. If you sync up your marketing strategies, you can create a promotional powerhouse that could bolster your attendance exponentially.

5. Select the Optimal Date

This might go without saying, but your participants need to actually be available in order to attend. Although research favors Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between noon and 2 p.m., the optimal time will ultimately depend on the lifestyle and preferences of your specific audience.

An effective tactic to gauge what works best for your participants is to send out a poll. This helps you nail down a time and will also give you a feel for how much interest there is in your selected topic.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

As soon as you get your topic, key speakers, and dates sorted, you need to start promoting like your event depended on it…because it does. Create a dedicated webinar hashtag, and wherever your audience is, find ways to promote your webinar, prioritizing the following:

Implement an email campaign

Forty-five percent of marketers choose email as the most effective promotion tool because it works. The best approach is to set up an automated campaign so you don’t have to think about it again.

Three reminder emails is a good place to start- one email the week before the event, one the day before, and a final reminder between 7 and 9 a.m. on the morning of. An initial thank-you email is also a good idea to confirm attendees’ registration and prompt them to add the webinar to their calendar.

Be sure to include a CTA and the webinar’s hashtag to encourage recipients to share registration info with friends and colleagues.

Coordinate your social media channels

Use your social media channels to pepper in updates and rev up anticipation for the webinar, increasing in number as the date approaches.

You will attract more attention (and attendees) if you incorporate visual content such as graphics, photos, or teaser videos into the marketing mix. And you will attract more marketing ops if you send your presenters and partnering brands event details and promotional info in an easy “copy/paste” form (and tag them in every event post).

Write a blog post

You can rev up interest and attendance via your blog, highlighting the topic using the same title as your webinar. Include links to your featured speakers and other related prominent sites to boost SEO.

And don’t forget to include the webinar CTA and registration details!

Leverage your homepage

Your homepage is prime real estate for promoting your webinar. Put the details front and center, including:

  • What- Theme & related topics
  • Why- Benefit of attending
  • Who- Presenters
  • When- Date and time
  • Where- Link to registration and/or event

7. Encourage Feedback

Opinion surveys can serve as a gateway to build and strengthen relationships with attendees. Ask participants to share their thoughts and offer a thank you gift in return (for better response rates).

Their feedback will give you a chance to follow up with offers and announcements and help ensure your next webinar is bigger and better.


Webinar marketing is one of the most effective ways to strengthen customer relationships, generate new leads, and establish your brand as a leading expert in your field. So don’t let the fear of a low turnout to your event stop you.

If you build it, using the tactics above, they will come.





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