It’s commonly accepted these days that personalization impacts your customer experience all the way to conversion.  However, we often forget just how important some of this commonly accepted knowledge is; more personalization on your website could lead to substantially increased conversion rate.  The difference between 3 personalized pages and 10 personalized pages shows an 18X conversion rate for those that consumed the 10 personalized pageviews when compared to shoppers that consumed only 3 personalized web pages.

So let’s consider your web experience and what you can personalize to engage your user so much that they would respond this much. Keep in mind the user that will consume 10 pages overall is already a different prospect than your average 50% bounce rate and average 4 pages to leave or convert.  Knowing how and where to grasp your personalization is fairly important.  This will stem from your product or service offering as well – certain products and services have obvious personalization opportunities; for example, a loyalty program will shout out for what you have done already while also teasing opportunities available to you.

You may consider a loyalty program may use GPS data on your phone and store to your profile.  When you go to their website, they may offer you congratulations on earning 175 points at your favorite restaurant. They may also show you the opportunity you have had in the last week to earn even more points.  They will tempt you to visit not only their social media profiles but also reward you for liking and engaging with retailers in the program.

For an eCommerce site, you may find that offering products from the collection the user is shopping will show them that you know what they like.  You may look at past purchases and suggest because you own this product that you may indeed like a complimentary product that other users have purchased and rated highly.  You may also suggest tips for the products they already own – how to use best, store, or clean.

You may also create an opportunity to unlock unique offers by asking for more customer information that will help you personalize their Birthday Month, their favorite holiday, and even reminding them of their favorite people’s birthdays. It’s amazing what you can use to show a person you care and that you know and understand them.

There are many more ways to personalize your experience, from acknowledging your name to having the customer land closer to where they would like to start browsing.  The technology to enable this varies but is available in many CRM packages.  There are also custom plugins that will help you.  The following list is a great list of software considerations to help you personalize your web experience.


Hub Spot

Pipe Drive

Active Demand

These applications enable you to set up rules for how you trigger personalization and deliver it online.  Test different scenarios on different customer segments and you may unlock the solution to creating a greater lifetime value across customer segments.


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