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In today’s world, it’s often difficult to really set your brand apart from the competition. People have become saturated with advertisements and the average attention span of a person online has reached new lows. With all of this in mind, it’s time to consider an exciting new approach to branding – gamification.

Thanks to gamification, brands are now able to put a fun new twist on their marketing material by making it interactive and enjoyable. Studies have shown that interactive content is far more likely to capture and maintain the attention of a consumer than static content. More than just being interactive content, gamification incentivizes users to spend more time on a website or an app by providing them rewards for certain milestones and achievements.

When it comes to branding, getting customers to spend any significant amount of time on your website or app is half the battle. By adding elements of gamification to your marketing material, you can get your customers to interact with your online content and engage with your brand much more than they otherwise would. All the while, these customers will be associating your brand with an enjoyable activity, creating positive associations in the minds of your customers.

The concept of gamification isn’t new. However, the realization that companies and their marketers could use gamification as a better way to interact with customers and set apart their brand is certainly cutting-edge, and more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of the many benefits that gamification offers.

Here are a few examples of brands that have successfully integrated gamification into their advertising:

McDonald’s and Monopoly go hand in hand for fans of the golden arches. Not only do they give away a grand prize, but they also sprinkle in lots of smaller food prizes, driving you back to the fast food chain to spend more money with that large fry you won. This brand’s gamification techniques started long before the advent of apps and fans still go crazy each year when the new board and game pieces are released.

The Nike Run Club app has many fantastic features for tracking your fitness goals and progress along with custom playlists and personal coaching you can turn on and off. While these are great, it’s the gamification tactics that really keep people coming back. The app allows users to challenge their friends with hashtags against goals and share their results on social media. It’s another fine example of brands gamifying a regular behavior such as working out to make it more fun and addictive.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell is another big brand that understands the value of gamification. Their “Live Mas!” loyalty app is not your typical purchase inducing machine. Rather, the popular fast food chain encourages millennials to share how they “Live Mas!” on social media without having to explain how or what that means. When a user shares anything from a sunset photo to a selfie, they may randomly receive a reward from Taco Bell. This takes advantage of gamification with an easy-to-enter, random reward system that has proven to be addictive. Bravo Taco Bell for rewarding happy people!

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