Lead Generation with Gamification:  Easier than You Think

One of the most important things to understand about lead generation is that when you ask your prospects for their contact information, you’re ultimately asking them for a lot more than just a name, phone number, address, or email address. You’re also asking for something very valuable to them in future: their time.

They know the situation they’re in — that you’re not asking them for this information out of the kindness of their heart. You’ve got a product or service that will improve their lives and solve their problems, yes — but at the end of the day, you’re trying to sell them something. Because of that, this information is incredibly valuable, and you must respect, understand, and acknowledge this in the context of how you conduct yourself.

Essentially, you need to give them something they want to get something in return. This is where the gamification of lead generation has proven itself to be not only effective, but also incredibly popular. If you play your cards right (no pun intended), you won’t have to ask anyone for their contact information at all. They’ll be lining up around the block to give it to you.

Gamification and Lead Generation: Breaking Things Down

Again, lead generation is all about the quid pro quo of “value for value”, and along those lines gamification checks a lot of different boxes at the same time.

One common lead generation technique is to offer leads a document in exchange for their contact information: a helpful blog post, a white paper, or something else of that nature. The problem is that this is still a passive experience — there’s no real immediacy to it. Even if someone is interested in what that information is, if they don’t have time to sit down and read 30 pages today, they’re less likely to see the value or gratification in your offer.

But gamification, on the other hand, instantly transforms that experience into the most active one possible. Not only is there urgency because the game can be played immediately, but the stakes are also very high. They have a chance to win a prize, get a discount on a future purchase or even gain some type of recognition — all in a highly engaging way and in the form of an opportunity that isn’t going to be around forever. Even something as simple as giving someone the chance to play an instant win game (in exchange for tangible, valuable items like a gift card, of course) is the perfect way to get them down off the fence and handing over their contact information as quickly as they possibly can.

In the End

Perhaps the most important thing for you to understand about all of this is that in terms of consumer marketing, information is valuable — but not as much as something with a dollar value attached to it. When you give your customers a chance to play, win, and engage through gamification, you’re giving them something that is as equally valuable as their contact information. You’re giving them a chance to have fun. You’re giving them gift cards, service discounts and other freebies. If respect between your brand and your customer is a two-way street, this is how you safely navigate that street from one end to the other and come out all the better for it.

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