The numbers speak for themselves: Every year, a higher percentage of B2B marketers experience increased followings, conversion rates, SEO, and sales revenues when they integrate videos into their marketing strategy. In fact, research revealed that 80% of marketers said that video directly helped increase their sales.

So clearly you should be incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, but not all videos are created equal. If you really want to maximize your dollars, generate brand awareness, and convert leads, then explainer videos are the way to go.

Explain, Please.

An explainer video is a short 30-90 second clip that gives potential customers a quick, compelling overview of how a brand will help improve their lives. By using powerful visual and audio techniques, these videos are long enough to communicate the intended message, short enough to keep the viewers’ attention, and stimulating enough to have a lasting impact.

Brands can use these videos to achieve various outcomes: share why their products and services are exceptional, explain how their technology works, or promote upcoming promotions and events.

Here are a few tips to make sure your video is the star of the show

Your Story in all its Glory

How you present your story is your chance to wow your customers while imprinting your mission, values, and distinct style in their minds.From the storyline, to colors to the word choice, every detail should align with the image you want to convey to the world across every communication channel.

Your explainer video can also be used to unify your messaging and deliver accurate information to potential and current customers. A memorable and easily accessible video will help sets your style and tone in stone to promote your brand and prevent any discrepancies or misrepresentations.

Take “Less is more” to the Next Level

Your explainer video’s superpower is its ability to capture your potential customer’s full attention in around a minute or less.By providing rich, bite-sized information and reinforcing it with engaging animated visuals, audio, and graphics, you can both educate and entertain your audience in a huge way. Check out Spotify’s U.S. launch video to see how it’s done.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Once you decide what to showcase in your video, stick to it. Don’t try to cram in extra information that doesn’t relate specifically to the subject at hand.  MuleSoft’s API offers a great example of how to stay the course and deliver. They don’t try to demonstrate their superior expertise or sell all their services. They just answer the question presented in a simple, engaging way that works.

Be Seen and Heard

If you want your brand to stand out, your video should command your audience’s attention while also creating a meaningful connection. Animated characters are great for humanizing your brand in a fun, approachable way. Duluth Trading Company’s nails it in their Free Swingin’ Flannel video

Compel to Action

The whole point of your video is to get your customers to take action. Your video needs to get your audience excited to take the next step and make it easy for them to do so. If you introduce a new product that a customer loves, but you don’t tell them how and where to buy it,  you will most likely lose the sell. See how sealed the deal in its Financial Life video.

Don’t Waste Their Time

Your explainer video is not the time or place for cutting back. Find a professional who specializes in video production and can advise you on the best approach based on your desired outcome. The same goes for the voiceover. Your effort will be for nothing if the narrator makes your audience push the mute button.

Finding an appropriate firm or consultant to produce your explainer video is simpler than you may think.  There are oodles of resources, as well as listicles of the best firms to choose from.  Be sure to find a firm that has produced explainer videos similar to your services or products.  Make sure to do your homework and get references and then you’ll be set.  It’s time to start crafting your script and converting more customers.

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