Facebook is one of the most prominent and widespread social media platforms worldwide. The way users connect with one another and form communities on Facebook makes this platform particularly effective at promoting engagement. Different types of Facebook ads provide multiple ways to promote your brand.

Users flock to Facebook to share their lives, play games, and express themselves. With customized digital marketing and gamification marketing by Contest Factory, your brand can become part of your customers’ treasured Facebook memories.

Media on Facebook

Facebook ads give you many ways to reach your audience, including the conventional media types you might incorporate into your website and proprietary features that form part of Facebook’s allure. Successful Facebook advertisers use different types of Facebook ads to reinforce your message and extend your online reach.

1. Image Ads

The right picture can be worth more than a thousand words. An evocative image that captures your brand will move your customers to act more than a wall of text.

Add a brief, direct call to action with your Facebook ad and a link to your website. Cycle through different images in your campaign so your audience doesn’t tune out the picture after a few repetitions.

2. Slideshows

Do you have a story to tell but not the budget for video productions? Facebook’s slideshow feature allows businesses to combine still images and captions to create engaging narratives for their audience. One advantage of slideshows is that they use only one-fifth of the bandwidth of video ads.

3. Video Ads

Video ads are the powerhouse of Facebook ad media options. They contain more data than images or slideshows, but no one can deny the effect of dynamic presentations and visual storytelling on an ad’s success.

The most successful companies in the world have transformed the market landscape with 30 seconds of video.

Ads That Leverage Facebook Features

Facebook is more than just an assortment of media. The platform enhances its user experience by presenting information in new and interactive ways. Facebook users depend on and pay attention to Facebook’s suite of features.

When you place any one of these different types of Facebook ads, you reach an audience that already depends on and finds comfort in Facebook’s delivery system.

4. Collection Ads

If one image does not fully capture the product line or the story you want to tell, use a collection ad. Facebook collection ads let you hook your audience with the main image and present smaller thumbnail images underneath. Once you capture a viewer’s interest, they can proceed to an Instant Experience by clicking on one of the ads.

5. Instant Experience Ads

Facebook’s Instant Experience works like a landing page on your website. It is still on a Facebook page, so you benefit from Facebook analytics, and customers can explore your product without leaving Facebook. Instant Experience ads allow you to combine some of the most effective features of the different types of Facebook ads in one place.

An Instant Experience lets you elaborate on the virtues of your product with images and video. Use Instant Experience to segment your audience. Link different aspects of your Instant Experience with customized landing pages that cater to customers with different priorities, wants, and needs.

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger enables direct communication between Facebook users. Users can access Facebook messenger from a separate app, so they can maintain personal—even intimate—conversations.

Forge a deeper connection with up to 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users by presenting media, calls to action, and links while users chat.

7. Polls

Interactivity prompts consumers to act. Polls drive action more than many other Facebook ad types because they invite people to think and make decisions. Gather vital data about your targeted audience and use what you learn to connect them to custom advertisements and promotions.

8. Stories

Facebook Stories is a trendy way for Facebook communities to share content that lasts for only 24 hours. The ephemeral nature of Stories creates a sense of urgency, an unspoken “act now!” not found in the other different types of Facebook ads. Harness that sense of urgency with a Facebook Stories ad that gives your audience a full-screen encounter with your product.

Bringing it together

Your product and service can reach your target audience in a myriad of mediums. Be sure to test your ads to determine which ads deliver the best response. When you consider measurement, consider multiple variables, including intent versus conversion, impressions to buy, demographics, and product verticals. Analyzing your data for efficiency will make your business skyrocket gross margins.

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