Marketing Trends That Deliver Conversions

  1. Own Your Customer

Google has announced it will stop using cookies in early 2022; this will devastate marketers much like the removal of search terms from GA. However, Google did not disappoint there, rather redirected to search console. The future of targeted advertising is looking grim if you are not ready for the pivot.

You will want to own your customer data.  First and foremost, you must have their email address to directly market to them.  Sending weekly emails can change your business before you know it; prospects need to be reminded of your product and service to get the frequency impressions necessary to convert. Remember to be personable and clever in your communication – each touch should be special; why are you jumping into their inbox.

Plenty of platforms will let you retarget using first party data – ensure you enhance this data with surveys and 0 party data; this means your client provides the data direct to you.  Collect preferences, names, addresses and anything you can to enrich your data for first party targeting and email marketing.

Be sure to find their social media handles so you can slide into their DM, or authentically reach out with your team of interns.  Using the 3x3x3 method where you reach out to 3 prospects with comments, tag 3 accounts with a post, and share 3 prospects posts.  Social stimulation acts as micro-engagement will add up and result in follows and conversions.

  1. Invest in Online Events

Providing value add to your prospects has never been so important. In addition to providing a webinar or seminar on a valuable subject, you are getting your prospects as a captive audience for the time duration of your choice; dare to dream in marketing.

Do not let the technology scare you – this is as easy as a Powerpoint presentation. Your audience is on one side and you on the other.  This type of marketing has been happening since the pandemic but not much has been written to show how incredibly successful this platform is.  There are plenty of affordable technology partners available.  Take a couple out for a test drive and see which you prefer.  There are pros and cons to them all.

  1. Become a Thought Leader Rather than Hard Sell

This is how businesses are made – contribute to your associations and boards to get your perspective heard as a leader. This is especially important for CEOs and high level marketers to share what they know and develop a base of folks that respect and follow you.

This process cannot be seat of your pants. This should have a planned strategy just like any good business initiative.  Find out where your audience is and seek speaking engagements at these events.  Start as small as a lunch and learn and invite prospects to hear you speak on the subject. You’ll find folks following you out the door to ask for more.

You may also be on a panel at an event or host your own panel at an event.  Be sure to provide a leave behind to strengthen the memory of your impact.

  1. Become a Storyteller

Advertising slogans are out and romantic stories are in. We all know that purchases are 85% emotional, so let’s start appealing to the emotion and increase our conversion rate while decreasing time to buy. Sounds magical, doesn’t it.  Well it is true.  Storytelling is the wave of the future.

Consider the difference in advertising a car that is pretty versus the Volvo way.  You know Volvo as being one of the safest cars on the market. Now pair this with only entrusting safety of your family to the safest car on the market – don’t just buy any car, consider your children, pet, and partners safety, not to mention your own; it can all end in the split of a second with the wrong car brand choice.  Choose the car that will ensure your family can be grateful for thanksgivings to come.

Storytelling helps reinforce your brand persona – embrace it and build your character as you appeal to your prospects emotion.  Not only fun, but lucrative.  What’s your brand’s story?

  1. Align Your Brand with Philanthropy

Research shows that campaigns giving back deliver greater response than any other type of marketing.  The new generation of shoppers also believe in the power of good more than any generations that have come before. Finding the right non-profit alignment is important so that there is reciprocity in your efforts.  You want to be sure that other donors and partners may potentially have your target audience as they will appreciate your efforts to the same cause.

Offering a percentage of purchases to the non-profit is one way that you can show your client base you care and give back at the same time.  You can also volunteer your services at events, sponsor local and national events, or provide goods, and services.  In return for your donations and volunteering, you not only receive tax credit but also receive brand exposure on the benefit website, event banners, and donation communication acknowledgement.  All of this exposure typically results in attention that turns into earned media attention that turns into business.

These trends will get you well on your way to post pandemic marketing.  Stay ahead of the trend and you’ll be handsomely rewarded with owning your client data; in turn you can reduce costs and avoid failures at the removal of cookie technology.  Be thoughtful in your executions with strategy planning and you are sure to make 2022 a successful one.

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