People remember 80% of what they hear, read, watch, and experience. Beyond that, 88% of consumers say a brand’s marketing approach has convinced them to buy. Our attention has always been limited, valuable, and scarce. But what distinguishes the present day is that technological advances have made an overwhelming amount of information available, strategically aimed at capturing our attention; this is a double-edged sword. As for the general public, it has never been easier to garner such personal levels of attention but for your targeted marketer audience, they are on their feet and see through simple ploys.  Let us show you how to get through to the influencing audience.

#1 Social Media is Your FRIEND

So go beyond creating infographics, testimonials, contests, advertising, and hashtags to post on your social media channels. When we go on the internet, we typically have a goal in mind, like finding a conference. Once we obtain what we want about the upcoming venue, we typically leave the site. However, social media keeps us on the platform longer and wanting more. Once we see a platform, event, or user we like, we “subscribe” to them on YouTube, “become friends” with them on Facebook, or “follow” them on Instagram or Twitter. Thereafter, anything that entity posts will appear on our feeds as well. Anyone can set up an account and have the opportunity for their marketing conference to be seen by millions through millions on social media.

#2 An Upscale, Unusual & Intriguing Web Site

While event goers will not find you based on design, it will contribute to your user experience and combined with a valuable brand and SEO, this will land conversion. An intriguing event website is one that is designed to capture the attention of people who are seeking valuable educational opportunities.  The use of motion graphics, nobs, and levers that personalize the experience will further engage and provide the social proof to earn you that conversion.

Think about what you want to say to each persona you have identified. Create a consistent message on your web page how you want to sell your event to them. Start to segment your audience according to the different types of stakeholders you have identified. By doing this, you can then begin to personalize your communications through other means.

#3  Influencer Speakers Speak for Themselves 

Once you decide what type of conference you want to host, consider how much you need to invest in order to make it successful. Promote your event through influencers to speak at your event. Influencer marketing is a powerful way to generate buzz and interest in your marketing conference. Invite local businesses to sponsor your event because local businesses are often willing to support events hosted by their peers.

People buy from people – and people with a story resonate. Search your industry for influencers with stories as this is what people crave. They want a brand with a story, mission, and personality.  Go find yours and you’re on your way to, “getting yours”.

#4 Offer Early Registration at a Discounted Price – Countdown Clock

Early bird registration is a period when people can sign up for your next marketing conference before ticket prices go up. It sometimes launches during a current live event or shortly after. Consider tapping into that fear of missing out by adding a countdown on your registration form indicating how many more days, hours and minutes are left to get the discount. Scarcity is especially powerful. So, similarly, offer a limited number of tickets to your event. People will place a higher value on something when they’re in limited supply. Offer a VIP experience or other perks to entice people to buy now and really capture multiple client segment data.

#5 Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and economical approach to promote your marketing conference. But you must avoid transmitting standard, one-size-fits-all, email messages. As a substitute, opt for a more tailored methodology. Eighty percent of individuals say they’re more likely to make a purchase if they get a customized feel. Increase your conversion rates by segmenting your database to recognize people who have shared marketing responsibility interests by job title; communications, demand generation, PR, analytics, etc.  Now your message lands softly with people seeking more information on making their job more successful with the proper advanced information you can provide from experts in the industry.

# 6 Host Online Before – In Person Always

Hosting an online webinar is one of the best ways to generate leads and build relationships with your audience before you meet them at the marketing conference. Hosting a successful webinar doesn’t have to be expensive or timely. But if you’re looking to host a webinar that will help your next marketing conference grow, choose a topic that will appeal to your audience. You’ll need to consider what topics your audience would find interesting and relevant. If you are marketing for the automotive industry, surely floral arrangements would not be the best marketing advice to this group. Talk cars to bring people to the cars.

#7 Make The Press do The Work for YOU

Press releases are an important tool for businesses looking to gain exposure online. They’re also a great way to build relationships with journalists and bloggers. Press releases are a powerful way to promote your next marketing conference. However, if you don’t write one correctly, it could be a waste of time and effort… You need to choose a targeted audience when writing a press release. This means choosing a group of people looking to attend a marketing conference. If you write a press release targeting everyone, no one might read it due to it landing in unrelated publications.

# 8 Hire Professionals

Hiring an agency to help you with your next marketing conference can certainly make a difference. Event planners can save time and stress by hiring everyone you haven’t thought of for the conference. Trust us, these people will be needed from start to finish. If your budget and time allow, use the experience of a specialist to lead (and execute) the undertakings of your conference. Sometimes unfamiliarity of a city can throw the entire marketing conference askew. Locals will help.

# 9 Host a Happy Hour the Night Before

Happy hours are a great way to network with people who might become future clients. If you chat the night before, loosening up with a glass of vino and an appetizer will definitely make tomorrow more comfortable for all. Just remember to set boundaries regarding alcohol intake by you, your coworkers, and your guests. Set a time limit and a monetary amount so things stay professional.

# 10 The More The Merrier

Going back to #1 and Social Media, Influencers can be beneficial for many products. When running a future marketing conference, think about the “big names” in the business. Obtaining Seth Godin for your marketing conference might be a longshot but look back to all the networking you and your group have been doing naturally all your lives. Reach out to the talent pool you already have. And if you can pull off a celebrity, or a well-known person to your cause, that will be paramount to reaching high volume attendee numbers!

Overall, follow what promotional strategies work greatest as you work to achieve high attendance at your next marketing conference. Then, adjust your methodology established on your understanding of the past events. Using others, as well as pre-planning through your website, blogs, podcasts, and offers will all create the buzz to bring the crowds to life in real time!


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