In-person conferences are in demand and coming back strong

The live events landscape seemed like it might be forever changed, however the past year proved that untrue. People by nature are eager to be around each other, network, and make business happen. As a result, the in-person conferences are returning rapidly. And some conferences are even adopting the hybrid model to enable more folks to join and participate at a reduced ticket price. What does this mean for your 2023 travel, continued learning, and collaboration opportunities? Check out the top five conference round up to see which, don’t miss events you want to attend this year.


Lead Generation World is being held on May 8-9, 2023 in London.

Lead Generation World is for leaders in the demand generation market and the providers and partners that support the industry. From software to in-person tactics, we rely on service providers that develop excellent tools, methodology, and even consulting to support us in our goals of driving efficient lead generation by testing different strategies, budgets, and analyzing the return. This global conference will unite the group with the common goal of driving leads for business-to-business organizations.


Social Media Week is being held on June 21 – June 23 in Lima, Ohio.

Social Media Week is hosted by Ad Week Magazine and will feature a rockstar line up of speakers and panelists. This conference will focus on building a brand from the inside out – the best brands are supported by internal and external evangelists. You must get your employees to drink the punch before you ask strangers. Internal marketing and buy-in is pivotal for a successful brand. Your marketing becomes more efficient with less budget when you have an army of brand marketers telling everyone the know about the brand they support. The event will focus on community and collaboration to support this initiative. Tickets are affordable and on sale now – get your tickets here.


Email Insider Summit is being held in Deerfield, UT with the 2023 dates yet to be announced.

The Email Insider Summit is hosted by the popular publisher, Media Post. Citing email as the most effective one-to-one marketing strategy available on the marketing menu of tactics, Media Post will be pulling in leaders focusing on data, service providers, methodologies, copywriting, testing strategies, and more. Media Post and it’s speakers will be presenting unique case studies with examples of out of box methodologies that landed big wins. Guests will learn about predictive modeling in data segmentation, as well as stats that are no longer relevant due to technology changes as well as data privacy changes; alternative signal option discussions will be held to help guests learn how to pivot with these issues on the table.  This event is held in December every year and show dates should be out in Q1 2023.


MozCon is being held August 7 – 9, 2023 in Seattle. Early bird tickets available now.

MozCon is one of the largest SEO conferences in the world, hosted by the popular ranking tool brand, Moz.  This three-day event will be jam packed with growth hacking strategies and tactics by SEO experts. MozCon prides itself on a different experience – this event is all about the networking. MozCon will facilitate new meetings, discussion topics for ice breakers over lunch where you may add to your network and rolodex of folks you can turn to with questions. Tickets are available at a discounted rate now, get yours here.


eTail Conference is being held February 22 – March 2 in Palm Springs, CA.

eTail is the largest eCommerce show of the year and covers all things digital marketing – from SEO, email marketing, omnichannel strategies, analytics, PPC, content creation, copywriting and more. The speaker lineup includes executives from Kohls, Banana Republic, Overstock. FTD, American Eagle, Bissell, Walmart, Dell, and many more top brands. Tickets are on sale now to one of the hottest digital marketing shows of the year – if you must pick one and are in commerce, this is the one. Get your tickets here.


There are hundreds of opportunities each year to sharpen our skills, network, and collaborate. We’ve pulled together a varied list of marketing types to share with you so you may select the best for your business – and go forth and build more success. Wishing everyone a great conference year in 2023 with the top 5 conferences we think you will find value in. Hope to see you there and share how we can help your brand as well.

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