About Us


Contest Factory has been developing proven contest software platforms since 2000. Our management and technical team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in digital media, marketing communications, entertainment, and technology industries. It is the breadth of knowledge and power of this human capital that is a significant benefit to our clients and business partners. Our team has been a dynamic part of our ability to deliver the best contest experience on the internet and to advance the software architecture that has earned us multiple U.S. patents for our technology.

Marketing Tools

The goal of every business owner, marketing manager and communications director is to measure and maximize the return on every marketing dollar spent. Our proprietary Viral DNA® analytic tools provide key insight to user behavior within the contest platform, a feature not offered by Google Analytics or many of the other costly analytics software programs. By tapping into the user’s behavior within the game/contest setting (live and post contest), we can steer them to key brand messages, establish long term loyalty and ultimately increase sales. It is a known fact that market share and sales are a numbers game – the more people you reach – the faster you grow your business. Contest Factory’s proven contest software platforms can help you engage more people, increase your market share and grow your business.

Engage Your Customers®

“Engage Your Customers®” is not just a catchphrase - is a part of everything we do here at Contest Factory. We feel that by helping you engage your clients and customers with fun, interactive and sometimes downright addictive contests – we help you to reach them in ways unlike any other promotional tool. When people are having fun, they are relaxed and are more open to hearing your brand message. Our formula is simple, if we help you achieve your marketing goals and you are successful, we in turn are also successful. That is why our client list includes some of the most successful and well-known brands in the world.

We treat every client as if they were our first and provide the finest support and service in the industry. We don’t settle for second, we work hard for first place. If you share these values, please give us try - we guarantee you will not be disappointed.